About me.

Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

2019 UPDATE – I’ve struggled with blogging recently, putting too much unnecessary pressure on myself to write and post. However I recently decided to start keeping a journal, as a means of therapy, and I’ve decided that’s what my blog will be from now on, my journal. Sometimes exerts, others full entries. It’s really just in the hope that I feel less alone, and maybe someone else does to. Lots of love B x


I never know what to write in these things!

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but as a technophobe whose laptop died many moons ago and was never replaced (until now), I never had the means to do so. I also wasn’t sure what to write about or what direction I would take it in. To be perfectly honest, I’m still not. I do however, have a rough idea of the subjects I would like to address and it is due to this that my blog shall remain anonymous for the most part.

I will include a little bit of information about myself (if anyone would like to know anything, just ask, within reason of course), so as not to seem like a total stranger.

I am a female in my nearly thirties, from England, where I have lived all of my life. My main interests are travel, musical theatre and most anything creative. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for over half of my life, which will most likely be the subject of a lot of my posts on here. I have always done some sort of writing. From short stories as a child, to a diary in my teens and as an adult I have often kept a journal during my darker days as a sort of self help guide. I may well share parts of that book at some point. I’m also  a real lover of lists, which you will come to learn.

As previously mentioned, I have not yet decided what I want this blog to be about. I have several ideas so far and an obvious subject matter in mind, but it may start out a little scattered. Like my brain. And most other aspects of my life. I will try to get it in order eventually, the blog and my life, just bare with me. You never know, I might even end up with a running theme.

Also, for now I plan to keep the look of it all simple, and just focus on my writing as i know it needs work. It will just be whatever my brain is focused on when I sit down to write that ends up being posted. I’m new to this, so keep your expectations below average and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

I write how I speak, so it’s going to be pretty blunt, use humour to make light in the dark and include a bit of swearing,

Please join me on this blogging journey.

If you made it through all of that, thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy my writing. B x


Opinions expressed here are my own. And if I feel like I am addressing a subject that needs researching you can rest assured that I will have done it.