A guide to my blog!

2019 UPDATE – I’ve struggled with blogging recently, putting too much unnecessary pressure on myself to write and post. However I recently decided to start keeping a journal, as a means of therapy, and I’ve decided that’s what my blog will be from now on, my journal. Sometimes exerts, others full entries. It’s really just in the hope that I feel less alone, and maybe someone else does to. Lots of love B x


I think of my blog mostly as a diary of sorts, but there are a few different sides to it so here is a short guide to help you get to grips with it.

I like to tell stories, mostly about my life, so there’s a lot of that here. Think of this blog as a book, just with no real plot line, beginning, middle or end. The messiest mess of a book you ever did read. Or not, I mean you don’t have to read anything past this sentence, nobody is forcing you. I’d like it if you did though, and I think you might too!

My posting days are usually Monday, Thursday and Saturday.



MY #30DAYBLOGCHALLENGE – Pretty early on with this blog I felt like I should be constantly writing and posting (that is never the case), so I searched around for a list of blog topics to maybe inspire me to write more. I couldn’t find one that really interested me, a lot of them are the same and are pretty generic stuff. So, I decided to create my own and a few lovely people joined in with me. The initial plan for this was for it to be a challenge to blog every day for thirty days none stop, but even I didn’t manage it. Now it’s just there for people to do whenever they feel like it.

Under this tag you’ll find the list, just in case you’re in need of some writing inspiration yourself, and a few of my blog posts from the challenge. Enjoy.

LIFESTYLE  – This is new to the blog and still a work in progress. I have a lot of different interests, including crafts, food and interior design so expect posts along the lines of those, among many other things I’m sure. Bare with me, it’s a new adventure!

MENTAL HEALTH – The original and still main focus of this blog. As someone who has suffered with mental illness for over half of her life it is something that is very important to me. It’s something I feel we need to talk about.

Under this tag you’ll find posts about Mental Illness, including tips and advice to hopefully help those of you that might be suffering too.

MY MENTAL MIND – This is the place for all of the bits and bobs in my brain that are mainly there due to mental illness.  There are a few subcategories in here too, so allow me to explain what each on is.

  • WORD VOMIT – Whatever was on my mind that day that I needed to get out. Basically me throwing up my feelings in a metaphorical sense.
  • A WEEK INSIDE MY HEAD – A daily record kept over the course of an entire week, of how I live with mental illness and how it affects my daily life.
  • MY MENTAL MIND – Exerts from an old journal I used to keep. That’s the place my words went before I discovered blogging.

THE BLOG – Everything else. From more information about me, to tags and nominations, to any news I need to share.