Social media detox.

I think for the sake of my mental well being it’s about time I did this. I already got rid (logged out) of my online presence, everywhere but here.

I plan to use this time to get things done.

Round of my eyes a little bit! (Ya know? Coz as kids we were all told staring at screen all day would give us square eyes).

For too long I’ve been emersed in the world inside my phone, and avoided the real one around me.

It’s time to face it, and create some shit.

But, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said a bunch of times, I’ll be back!

Sending love and happiness to you all in 2019! It’s your year, I feel it! And even though my gut has gotten much bigger these past few years (WHY you gotta play me like that gut?*), I still trust it!

Here’s to exercising more than just my thumbs!

Much love! B x


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