Life Update

Hello everyone, sorry it's been a while. I hope you are all well, and if you're not feel free to go ham in the comments and let some of that shitty energy out! Oh and please do that if you are too, i'd like to revel in your wellness with you. So, I haven't been … Continue reading Life Update

73 Questions… A Vogue Parody.

I've seen this doing the rounds recently and thought I'd join in, though the trend may be over by the time this is posted. Who cares, right?! I just figured it would be a bit of fun and I haven't done something like this in a little while. So, sit back, relax and get ready … Continue reading 73 Questions… A Vogue Parody.


My Granddad came and spoke to me just now, he told me that I need to get help. Said he worries about what will happen to me when anything happens to him and my Nanna. They look after me, and always have. And honestly, I wonder that myself. Will, I thrive? I mean, I know … Continue reading Help?!